Chimp Haven announces: It's a girl!

Aug 15, 2012

KEITHVILLE, La. — Officials at the national sanctuary for retired research chimpanzees say a 42-year-old female whose unexpected pregnancy was discovered in February has given birth to a healthy girl.

Ginger's pregnancy was discovered after another female in her group gave birth on Valentine's Day. Both were surprise pregnancies: every male must get a vasectomy before coming to Chimp Haven, where 125 chimps live in small groups.

Since then, every male has been given a newer, more complex vasectomy. And every female is on birth control.

Ginger had four babies in research facilities. Veterinarian Raven Jackson says Ginger is breast-feeding the baby born Monday, and is very protective of her.

The baby has not yet been named. Officials hope to trade naming rights for a $13,000-a-year "adoption" to pay for her upkeep.