Chef John Besh Shares His Life Lessons

Nov 1, 2013

Chef John Besh shared his tips for cooking a flavorful garlic aioli with Poppy Tooker.
Credit Emery Whalen

Chef John Besh's Cooking from the Heart documents his journey through the domestic and European kitchens that have influenced his palette and cooking style. This week on Louisiana Eats! we'll cook a dish with John at Restaurant August and then join him in the dining room for a conversation about his career. 

Then we'll hear about an incredibly popular spirit in the Czech Republic that's gaining popularity in the United States: Becherovka. Brand ambassador George Nemec joins us to talk about how the beverage is made and how it's used in his homeland.

Plus, Chris Jay joins us for another chat about diners in northwestern Louisiana. On the plate  — cevapcici from Julie Anne's Bakery.