Celebrate Bastille Day

Jul 14, 2012

Today is Bastille Day. In celebration, head over to the West Bank. You can drive on an avenue named for a French head of State, Charles De Gaulle. He actually visited New Orleans in 1960. And while you are there, why not pop over to the Gretna Farmers Market to purchase a bottle of Henry Amato’s orange wine. With it, you can prepare a refreshing French cocktail in honor of the occasion.

Here’s what you need: four ounces of Amato’s wine, two ounces of NOLA dark rum, six cubes of ice, one ounce of vanilla simple syrup, and one ounce of lemon juice. In a cocktail shaker, add all liquid ingredients and shake vigorously for fourteen seconds. No more, no less. Pour into two highball glasses with ice. Serves two. Here’s to the revolution!

For the WWNO Farmers Market Minute, this is Richard McCarthy.