Business Celebrates Saints Return

New Orleans, La. – The Saints aren't just a tourism draw. The president of the Greater New Orleans Incorporated economic development agency says the Saints' value runs deep. GNO President Michael Hecht says studies show 47-hundred jobs are connected to the team. And he says it spirals out from there.

"The estimates that we've heard run from $400 million to $700 million of economic impact every year. And what that translates into is between $25 million and $45 million in tax benefit, of actual money coming into the coffers of the state and local governments."

Hecht says having a successful NFL team in New Orleans projects a valuable image that translates to cash.

"We project an image of our city which is actually greater than our size. And also it creates a positive image of brand, a positive image for New Orleans around the world. So that economic impact, which is harder to measure, in my mind, having been an economic developer for a number of years, is indisputable."

The first game back at the renovated Superdome is scheduled for September 18th.
For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming.