BP Says Top Kill Could Stop Leak Next Week

New Orleans, La. – BP executive Doug Suttles says the gusher could be tapped by next week, if the operation called a "top kill" goes as planned.

"If that's successful we would be bringing this incident to a close"

That remark at a briefing later solicited this response from Coast Guard Rear Admiral Mary Landry.

" I think it caught all our eyes when Doug Suttles said if we get this top kill we're done. We are not done. We are so this is a this is an enormous response."

Suttles says BP plans to permanently shut off the well at its source with a relief well that's now being drilled. It could be finished in August. He says the damaged well will never be put into production because its uncontrolled flow cannot be repaired.
For NPR News, I'm Eileen Fleming in New Orleans.