BP Says It Has What's Needed To Fix Leak

New Orleans, La. – BP executive Doug Suttles says he understands Salazar's frustration that oil is still gushing from the well. But he says BP has what it will take to end the crisis that's now in its second month.

"Of the international oil and gas companies, we're the biggest deepwater producer in the world. We probably have as much if not more capability than any other company in the world in this space. We've brought in the experts from the other oil and gas companies and from the government."

BP is now preparing to pump heavy mud and cement into the broken blowout preventer to clog the system and stop the oil. Operations should begin Wednesday. If that doesn't work, crews could cut away pipe that's now bent, capture oil in a containment device and bring it to a surface ship.
For NPR News, I'm Eileen Fleming in New Orleans.