BP Planning on 'Top Kill' Plugging Well Leak

New Orleans, La. – Coast Guard Rear Admiral Mary Landry says officials are now pinning hopes on a procedure to start next week that's being called a "top kill." Engineers are testing pressure to make sure the busted blow-out preventer on the sea bed can handle heavy liquids plugging the leak.

"Let's all keep our fingers crossed. Let's all say our prayers. We absolutely hope top kills works. We're anxious to see that it does."

BP tried a massive containment dome that got plugged up with ice. It delivered a smaller version but that's off to the side for now. It's had limited success with a tube inserted into a broken pipe that's now siphoning off about 3,000 barrels a day. It's still unclear just how much oil is pouring into the Gulf every day, but millions of gallons are swirling offshore.
For NPR News, I'm Eileen Fleming in New Orleans