BP May Cap Leak Until Broken Well Killed in August

New Orleans, La. – BP spokesman Doug Suttles says pressure on the containment cap is lower than hoped, but high enough to indicate the well is intact.

"No one associated with this whole activity, whether you're with BP or any of the government groups or anyone who lives along the Gulf Coast wants to see any more oil flow into the Gulf of Mexico. And we're hopeful that if the encouraging signs continue that we'll be able to continue the integrity test all the way to the point that we get the well killed."

If problems develop, the cap would be reopened to relieve pressure. Oil would gush into the water for up to three days while containment vessels would be hooked up again. Officials say the containment cap that's been holding back oil since Thursday could be shut again if a hurricane develops.
For NPR News, I'm Eileen Fleming in New Orleans.