New Orleans, LA – Drought: Friend or foe? Forever battling the elements, farmers market vendors are on the front lines. As to the spoils of this war, this month might be a good time for us consumers to wallow in the bounty of Gulf Coast blueberries. This year: No late freezes, no flooding rains, and weak prices on the national market for fresh berries. In fact, prices are so low that this is the year to visit farmers markets in search of berries for canning, berries for juicing, and berries for eating. After all, this super food is still relatively new to these parts. The visionary MissLou Cooperative helped farmers convert cotton rows to blueberry bushes. Whether you're on the Northshore, Gulf Coast or in the city, farmers markets are jam-packed with berry farmers ready to unload the healthy harvest. For the Farmers Market Minute, this is Richard McCarthy.