Bill to Ban Social Network Updating While Driving Advances

May 6, 2013

A bill seeking to expand the state's ban on texting-while-driving to include posting statuses on social networks has advanced in the legislature.

Sen. Dale Erdey told the House transportation committee Monday that his law closes an important loophole in current state law, as police can only cite drivers who have been caught texting and not drivers who may be on Facebook or Twitter.

"This bill closes that loophole, but more importantly it's about public safety because social networking actually takes longer, if you will, if you're doing it by driving than regular texting," said Erdey.

Despite questions from the committee on how to actually enforce the law going unanswered, the proposal was approved and now heads to the full Senate for debate.

The legislation comes after California passed a law last month banning the use of cell phone GPS apps while driving. The Governor's Highway Association says 39 states - including Louisiana - and D.C. ban texting while driving, but no state has yet to completely ban all cell phone use while behind the wheel.

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