"B" Somebody

May 24, 2012
Originally published on September 4, 2014 1:29 pm
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All right, we have new contestants. Jessica Leeser and Corinne Miller. Welcome.


EISENBERG: Now Jessica, you come from a big puzzle family?

JESSICA LEESER: Yes. Well, yeah. Math, puzzles.

EISENBERG: You played math at home growing up for fun?

LEESER: My dad once bought my sister a book about numbers and math puzzles and she did not have a very happy look on her face when she opened up the gift. But my dad said, in the most sincerest voice I've ever heard him use, he said, I just want you to love numbers as much as I love numbers.


EISENBERG: Excellent. It's a pleasure to have you on the show.

LEESER: Thank you.

EISENBERG: Hi Corinne.


EISENBERG: I know that you travel a little bit. I did a little research on you and I appreciate the fact that you kind of take matters into your own hands.

MILLER: Yes. I do. When I went to Barcelona for the first time I was mugged. Somebody stole my bag and my passport, but instead of crying and sitting on the street and not knowing what to do, I chased after him, found him getting onto his bicycle, jumped onto his bicycle and got my bag back.


EISENBERG: All right. I'm not going to mess with you. OK. This is a game called Be Somebody.

JOHN CHANESKI: This is a word game in which we're going to add the letter B in front of common men's and women's names to form another word. Ophira, for example, if we said B plus a talking horse equals where you might wind up at night, you would say... bed. Talking horse is Ed plus the letter B in front is bed. So you got that?

EISENBERG: Ah, right.

CHANESKI: Whoever gets more right will move on to our Ask Me One More final round. You guys ready? Great.

The letter B plus an honest president equals a...


CHANESKI: ... famous pig. Corinne, you can go.


CHANESKI: Babe, that's correct. B plus Abe equals Babe.


CHANESKI: The letter B plus Truman's successor's nickname equals something Lance Armstrong owns. Jessica.


CHANESKI: Bike is correct, yes.


CHANESKI: The letter B plus a role played by Jamie Fox equals cry like a donkey.



CHANESKI: Bray, correct.



CHANESKI: Be plus Lindsay Lohan's younger sister equals an island in South-East Asia. Jessica.


CHANESKI: Bali is correct.


LEESER: So mortified I know that!

JONATHAN COULTON: That you knew do that?

LEESER: That I know that.

CHANESKI: You're the first person in all our run throughs who knew who Lindsay Lohan's sister was. So congratulations.

LEESER: Oh, good Lord, OK.


LEESER: Thank you. For that compliment.

CHANESKI: The letter B plus an Oregon college attended by Steve Jobs equals, to produce offspring.


LEESER: Reproduce? No, that sentence doesn't start with a B.

CHANESKI: That does not... Reproduce College, that was a 2-year college, right?


EISENBERG: Depends what your Plan B was.

COULTON: It was literally about nine months. About nine months college.

CHANESKI: Corinne, any idea?

MILLER: Breed.

CHANESKI: Breed, is correct. But no points.

OK. The letter B plus Tom Hanks' wife equals a brand of water filter. Jessica.


LEESER: Brita.

CHANESKI: Brita's correct. Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson.


CHANESKI: Well then, I think Jessica, you won.

EISENBERG: Well done Jessica.


EISENBERG: Thank you Corinne. Jessica, you'll be moving on to our final elimination round. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.