Asian Pears

New Orleans, LA – It's mid August in New Orleans. It's hotter than hot and no end in sight. If you are looking for an August treat, let me let you in on a cool, crisp secret. St. Francisville farmer David Hoppenstadt grows only one crop and he harvests it in August. It's Asian pears. The size of grapefruits and covered with an oddly dull, brown skin, Asian pears arrive at markets in August like manna from heaven. With more sweet juice than apples, these pears are also crispier than water chestnuts. Only here for a few weeks, you must act now. You blink, and they're gone. So, here's a hot idea: Buy Asian pears, and prepare skinned and sliced in a cool summer salad. Add roasted pecans and shaved raw milk cheddar, chopped basil, oil and vinegar, and serve. For WWNO, this is Richard McCarthy.