Army Corps Nixes Public Hearing On Coal Terminal

Oct 2, 2014

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has decided against holding a public hearing on a coal export terminal in Plaquemines Parish.

Officials say there’s no new information that would affect its regulatory authority over the project.

RAM Terminal wants a permit to operate on 600 acres near Ironton.

Environmental groups say the terminal would spoil coastal restoration projects.

Grace Morris is senior organizer with Gulf Restoration Network. She says more environmental reviews are needed.

“The public can continue to call on the Corps to do that level of due diligence and really look closely at this project," she said. "And we are incredibly disappointed by the Corps’ decision to shut the public out of this process and our response is to make sure we enable that process. And we will hold our own public hearing and make sure that those comments are relayed to the Corps.”

The Gretna City Council and Jefferson Parish Council had also called for hearings over the project that has sparked strong public opposition.

Several West Bank residents oppose coal trains traveling through their communities.