Animal Life: Sometimes Pets Need First Aid

Jan 24, 2014

Pets have medical emergencies too. Luckily, the Louisiana SPCA offers pet first aid/CPR classes.
Credit Dora Zett / <a href=""></a>

You're probably familiar with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. But have you ever heard of mouth-to-snout?

That's right, pets have medical emergencies too. Your feisty outdoor cat, for example might show up at dinnertime with a battle wound. Or you might find your dog in over his head in the bayou. 

Learning animal first aid and CPR is a good way to prepare for unexpected accidents. Pet first aid and CPR training gives you the know-how to get your animals through a medical emergency until you get them to a vet.

The Louisiana SPCA offers pet first aid/CPR classes. Click here to find out how you can sign up.