Animal Life: Putting A Stop To Animal Abuse

Jul 16, 2014

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Animal cruelty is tragic, and often goes unreported.

Recently, a LA/SPCA Humane Officer rescued a 10-month-old puppy named Wes, who was abandoned on the interstate. She was huddled against a guardrail on I-10 during rush hour traffic. Wes had a fractured pelvis; she needed at least eight weeks of rest and pain medicine while she healed.

Two months after being rescued, Wes is doing much better, and is available for adoption.

Animal shelters across the country see things like this all the time. Most cases of animal cruelty involve domestic animals, with 80 percent of victims being cats and dogs.

If you know of an animal suffering from abuse or neglect, please contact your local authorities immediately.

Find out more about how you can report animal abuse.