Animal Life: Protecting Your Pets From Mardi Gras Noise

Feb 7, 2014

We all know what it takes to get a shoe at Muses: a good costume and lots of racket. 

Between the marching bands, crowd noise and curbside speakers blasting "The Wobble," Mardi Gras is noisy. Dogs can hear high pitched frequencies at a greater range than humans. The barrage of Mardi Gras noise can leave them overwhelmed and over stimulated.

That's why it's illegal in New Orleans to bring a dog to a parade. With the exception of the Barkus parade, dogs are not allowed within two hundred yards of a parade route while it rolls and for one hour before or after.

As you prepare for Mardi Gras season, make sure your pets have a safe, quiet place to hide out during the parades. Then go scream until somebody gives you a bedazzled shoe.