Animal Life: Keeping Neighborhood Cats Out Of Your Garden

Jun 6, 2014

Credit Rita Kochmarjova /

Love them or hate them, outdoor neighborhood cats are a simple fact of life in our region.

If you’d rather not see them prancing through your flower beds, there are a few simple and humane things you can do to keep them out of your yard.  

Start with basic things like covering your garbage can and cleaning up scraps from barbecues. Spray regularly for pests that may be a food source for cats.

You can also try scattering coffee grounds or citrus fruit peels in your garden; cats hate the smell!

And here’s another neat tip: try putting disposable wooden chopsticks in your flower bed, making it harder for cats to dig or get comfy in your garden.

If you know the cat’s owner or caretaker, ask them for advice and assistance in keeping their cats close to home.

Here's some more information on keeping cats out of your yard.

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