Animal Life: Finding Purebred Pets In Shelters

Jun 20, 2014

Credit VKarlov /

Most people assume that shelter animals are all mixed breeds — also known as mutts. But the fact is, purebred pets are actually pretty common in shelters.  

The other day, I walked through our adoption room at the LA/SPCA. I counted two Dobermans, four Chihuahuas, one Cocker Spaniel, one Yorkie, one Siamese cat and one ragdoll kitty.

Most shelters post pictures of adoptables on their websites. Some will even alert you if you are looking for a pet of a specific breed, size or age.  

When you adopt from a shelter, you save 2 lives: the one you rescued and took home, and another one that takes its place at the shelter.

Click here for a list of animal shelters and breed-specific rescue groups in Southeast Louisiana.