America's Wetland Foundation Art Award Winners

Feb 3, 2012

The America’s Wetland Foundation is awarding $48,000 to Louisiana students for their artistic impressions of the importance of wetlands. The money stays at the schools for continued environmental education.

Managing Director Val Marmillion says the foundation is marking its 10thanniversary by teaching the next generation the importance of a thriving wetland environment.

“Bringing children into talking about wetland loss and coastal degradation through the arts is a compelling way to get the message to parents and adults as well. So the learning opportunity exists for really great environmental education as well as learning about their communities, culture and bringing the message home.”   

Students took part in contests for art, photography and essays. They ranged from kindergartners through high school seniors.

“We call it zero ground rather than ground zero because that’s about what we’re having right now. But the students come from all parts of the state.”   

Marmillion says the Foundation plans to extend the program along with others to  include all five Gulf Coast states.