Allen Reviewing Choices To Kill BP Well

New Orleans, La. – BP says it wants to try a pouring heavy mud into the closed-off well in what's called a static kill.' It's similar to the top kill that didn't work several weeks ago, but the company says it should now that oil is contained in the well, not gushing out. But some worry that it's an unnecessary strain on a well that's a few weeks away from being permanently killed by a relief well. Allen says if pressure readings at the cap show a drop, which could mean it's leaking, it would be reopened and oil piped to surface ships. A leading lawmaker says keeping the cap closed would make it hard to determine how much oil has poured into the Gulf. BP faces fines based on those numbers. Allen is giving BP more time for testing the well site and surrounding seafloor.
For NPR News, I'm Eileen Fleming in New Orleans.