$5 Challenge

New Orleans, LA – According to the Center for Disease Control, the Happy Meal doesn't make us happy. Just ask the 20 percent of American children ages 6 to 11 who are obese. Indeed, many are lured to the promise of affordability and convenience, but instead discover the health costs that come with cheap food. Slow Food USA is asking Americans to slow down, purchase raw ingredients and to cook at home. They call this the five dollar Value Meal Challenge. Slotted for next Saturday, September 17th, Americans will be shopping at farmers markets on prescriptively-tight budgets to make value meals at home. Need good food need be expensive? What value purchases would you make at our region's markets? Eggplant, shrimp, okra and rice? Can you cook under budget? I am planning my menu today. To learn more about the challenge, log onto wwno dot org.
For WWNO, this is Richard McCarthy.