3rd surprise: chimp's daddy is... Conan! Again!

Sep 18, 2012

The latest paternity test at the national sanctuary for retired research chimpanzees confirms that Conan has overcome two vasectomies to father three babies.

Chimp Haven announced the results Monday.

Every male chimp must get a vasectomy before coming to the northwest Louisiana sanctuary. After Conan fathered a baby in 2007, his tubes were clipped again. After a Valentine's Day baby turned out to be his, every male chimp still interested in and living with females got a more complicated vasectomy.

Because of Conan's previous potency, Chimp Haven's humans had suspected that he was the father of Natalie, born Aug. 13. Her mother, Ginger, was found to be pregnant after a chimp named Flora gave birth to Valentina Rose.

Conan's 5-year-old daughter, Tracy, lives with her infant half-sisters.