Ron Curtis

Operations Director

Ron has held the position of WWNO Operations Director since 1989. He joined the station as a weekend announcer in the Fall of 1982 and has worked as an announcer, producer and news host. Ron has been in broadcasting since 1968 and served as announcer, producer, reporter, news director and editorial writer at stations in Washington State. A native New Orleanian, Ron grew up in Gentilly. He served in the Air Force in the mid-1960s and resided in the Pacific Northwest for 14 years until he returned to New Orleans in 1982. His avocations include backpacking, environmental preservation, music and reading.

Ways To Connect

State of the Re:Union

Mar 16, 2012

People are few and far between in Wyoming.  Those that do live here prize tradition, self-reliance, and their connection to the land.  So when change comes to the high plains—an oil boom, a minister with new ideas—communities here are tested.