Gary Joiner, Ph.D.

Gary Joiner is a cartographer and an associate professor of history at LSU in Shreveport.  He is the author or editor of 12 books including “Shiloh and the Western Campaign of 1862,” “One Damn Blunder From Beginning to End: The Red River Campaign in 1864,” “Through the Howling Wilderness: The Red River Campaign and Union Failure in 1864,” “Red River Steamboats,” and “Mr. Lincoln's Brown Water Navy: Mississippi Squadron.”

Joiner was appointed chairman of Louisiana's Civil War Sesquicentennial Task Force and also serves on the Battle of New Orleans Bicentennial Commission.

Joiner’s commentaries air Tuesdays at 7:35 a.m. He explores a wide range of historical topics, and is currently working on a book compilation of his Red River Radio commentaries.

Commentator Gary Joiner recounts why the Magna Carta matters as it restrained greedy oppressive monarchs, and its implications today.

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Historical linguists put the asterisk to work in their profession. History Matters commentator Gary Joiner explains how.

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The ground is soaked and the rivers are rising. History Matters commentator Gary Joiner thinks it’s a good time to revisit the Great Flood of 1927.

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History Matters commentator Gary Joiner profiles Shreveporter Amanda Clark, a former slave who, upon her freedom, became a successful landowner and business entrepreneur.

History Matters commentator Gary Joiner traces the ownership of a valuable tract of land next to the Red River -- from cotton fields to sprawling military air base.

Political parties are part of the fabric of American history. As politicians seek their party's bid for a 2016 presidential run, it makes commentator Gary Joiner think about all the political parties that have come out of the woodwork over the past 150 years.


Commentator Gary Joiner reflects on why history does matter.

Before luxury cruise ships, yachts and passenger ferries, the steamboat was how many people made their way across America. Commentator Gary Joiner delves into this yesteryear mode of transportation that is now mostly for tourism and spectacle. 

Commentator Gary Joiner takes us to Camp Ford, Civil War landmark in Tyler, Texas. It was largest Confederate-operated prisoner of war camp west of the Mississippi River. 

Commentator Gary Joiner remembers New Orleanian Homer Plessy and his act of civil disobedience that made its mark on history.