Dan Gill

Dan is an Associate Professor in Consumer Horticulture with the LSU AgCenter. He is the spokesperson for the LSU AgCenterââ

The Agapanthus, also known as the "Lily of the Nile", is a beautiful, early summer flowering bulb. it's native to South Africa, but it thrives in Louisiana's climate. They're blooming now all around Baton Rouge and they can be planted now too.

You may sometimes read or hear about "companion planting" -- planting certain kinds of plants around other plants to prevent pest problems. When it comes to nematodes in a vegetable garden, marigolds can help.

We all were surprised by the big storm that moved through on Monday. This is a wake up call to all of us about our trees with hurricane season about a month away.

Flashy Grass

Apr 25, 2015

The LSU AgCenter has named Fireworks purple fountain grass a Louisiana Super Plant selection for Spring 2015. And wow, are you going to be impressed by the colorful foliage of this ornamental grass.

The Coleus is a popular bedding plant here in Baton Rouge.

Known for their amazing diversity, the colorful foliage of Coleuses brightens flower beds and containers through the long summer season.

Much Ado About Mulch

Apr 11, 2015

Mulching is an easy to do, labor-saving technique that all gardeners should be taking advantage of.

Blooming Easter lilies are part of how we celebrate the holiday.

Did you know there was once an Easter lily production area in Plaquemines Parish? Back then -- in the 1940s and 1950s -- they called them "Creole lilies".

Gardeners often gripe about how difficult it is to grow plants in shady areas. The trouble mostly occurs when sun-loving plants are planted in the shade. Gardening in the shade can be and should be just as enjoyable as successful as gardening in sunnier areas.  

Spice Up Your Garden

Mar 21, 2015

Louisiana residents have appreciated the enjoyable qualities of spicy foods for generations. The fire in Louisiana cooking is provided primarily by the use of hot peppers or products made from them, like red pepper and hot sauce. A backyard vegetable garden wouldn't be complete without a few pepper plants both hot and sweet to pick from. 

It's time to start thinking about adding spring and early summer vegetables to your garden.