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It's All Politics
3:35 pm
Mon June 18, 2012

A Horse Is A Horse, Unless Of Course It's Ann Romney's Dressage Champ

Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, wears a "Dressage is no. 1" foam finger at a competition on Saturday. Romney's horse, Rafalca, qualified for the 2012 Olympic dressage team.
Courtesy of Steve O'Byrne

Originally published on Mon June 18, 2012 6:26 pm

Whether it's good or bad for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, Ann Romney's horse Rafalca qualified for the U.S. Olympic dressage team over the weekend.

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All Tech Considered
3:19 pm
Mon June 18, 2012

Does Your Smartphone Go Next To The Salad Fork Or The Soup Spoon?

Nearly everyone has a smartphone or tablet these days, but what should you do when it comes time to sit down for dinner?
Sean Locke

Originally published on Mon June 18, 2012 4:22 pm

As part of a new tech segment, we're starting a social media advice column in which we'll ask experts your questions about how to behave online. This week's experts are Baratunde Thurston, former digital director of The Onion and author of How to Be Black; and Deanna Zandt, author of Share This!

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All Tech Considered
3:18 pm
Mon June 18, 2012

You Know You Want One: Personal Robots Not Ready For You Yet

Research scientist Leila Takayama poses with a PR2 robot at Willow Garage, a robotics company in Menlo Park, Calif., that produces programmable robots.
Melissa Block NPR

Originally published on Mon June 18, 2012 10:06 pm

Meet Jake. At 500 pounds, he stands 4 feet 4 four inches tall, with a spine that stretches another foot. He has white urethane skin, a flat head sporting an array of camera lenses, and a laser scanner in his throat.

And he may be coming to a home near you.

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The Two-Way
3:08 pm
Mon June 18, 2012

Obama Nominee As Ambassador To Iraq Withdraws

Brett H. McGurk.
Harvard Institute of Politics

Originally published on Mon June 18, 2012 4:08 pm

Revelations that President Obama's nominee for ambassador to Iraq had an extramarital affair with a reporter have cost Brett H. McGurk his nomination.

As The New York Times reports, a series of leaked racy e-mails between McGurk and Gina Chon, who was a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, caused Republican opposition to his nomination as ambassador.

The Times reports:

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The Two-Way
2:38 pm
Mon June 18, 2012

Venezuela Demands Return Of Mythical Boulder From Germany

The Global Stone Project in Berlin.
Frank M. Rafik via Flickr

Originally published on Mon June 18, 2012 2:42 pm

The 35-ton boulder commands attention. The whale-shaped rock was brought to Berlin from Venezuela in 1998 by German artist Wolfgang von Schwarzenfeld who inscribed it with the word love written in seven languages. It's a work of art that sits in Tiergarten park.

But during the past few weeks, the boulder has become the subject of an international dispute.

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Planet Money
2:30 pm
Mon June 18, 2012

Why Einstein Was Disqualified From Teaching High-School Physics

- AFP/Getty Images

Originally published on Tue June 19, 2012 9:46 am

In a column for the New York Times Magazine, Jacob Goldstein writes that there are more than 1,000 licensed professions in the U.S. In theory, licensing rules protect consumers from shoddy service. In practice, they can also screen highly qualified workers out of the job market.

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The Two-Way
2:17 pm
Mon June 18, 2012

Ban The Buckeye For Being Bisexual? We Now Have Hoax No. 3

Brutus Buckeye, the Ohio State mascot. Does he know?
Jamie Sabau Getty Images

Heard about the letter to the editor of a newspaper in Ohio demanding that the state find another tree to serve at its symbol because buckeyes are bisexual? It's starting to get some attention on the Web.

Well, it's a real letter to The Courier in Findlay.

But it's also our third hoax in as many blogging weekdays — or in this case, more accurately, a piece of social satire.

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Mountain Stage
1:39 pm
Mon June 18, 2012

Ollabelle On Mountain Stage

Members of Ollabelle perform songs from their recent album, Neon Blue Bird.

Brian Blauser Mountain Stage

The New York City roots band Ollabelle makes its third appearance on Mountain Stage with songs from its first new studio album in five years, Neon Blue Bird. Formed in 2001 in a small bar on the Lower East Side, the group quickly became one of the most popular acts on the Americana music and festival circuit.

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Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me!
1:36 pm
Mon June 18, 2012

Sandwich Monday: The Burger King Bacon Sundae

Robert is confused but intrigued.

We sent our new intern MacKenzie to pick up Burger King's new Bacon Sundae, and this is how it went:

MacKenzie: One Bacon Sundae please.

Cashier: You actually WANT one of those?!?

We did. We did want one of those.

Peter Grosz: This is the first time in history that two rights have made a wrong.

Ian: If now they're just making things based on what got mixed up in the dumpster, I can't wait for the Snarling Raccoon Whopper.

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All Songs Considered Blog
1:27 pm
Mon June 18, 2012

Absent For Years, Cat Power Takes A Long Road To 'Ruin'

Chan Marshall, a.k.a. Cat Power.
Courtesy of the artist

Originally published on Fri June 22, 2012 7:09 am

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