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In 2007, Rick Kinder was working for a contractor, building a house in southern Colorado. The workers had just finished putting in all the doors, windows and sealing the house. Kinder and a colleague were working in the crawlspace, hanging insulation.

"And we just heard this big roar and then a big boom, and it threw us against the walls, and it just blew the whole top of the roof off," Kinder says.

Tracy Solomon Clark is outgoing and energetic — a former fundraiser for big companies and big causes. As she charged through her 40s she had "no clue," she says, that there might be a problem with her heart.

It was about six years ago — when she was 44 — that she first suffered severe shortness of breath, along with dizziness. She figured she was overweight and overworked, but never considered heart disease.

"That was the furthest thing from my mind," Solomon Clark says. "I was young!"

The Obama administration is taking steps to name the first national monument dedicated to the struggle for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights.

A likely location is in New York City, where the Stonewall riots sparked the modern gay-rights movement almost a half-century ago.

"It sounded like screaming and real cries of agony and desperation finally being released," recalls Martin Boyce, 68, who participated in the riots in the early hours of June 28, 1969.

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China's bumpy path toward market reform

10 hours ago

On today's show, we'll talk about China's reforms aimed at giving markets more say in its domestic economy; new labeling requirements from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for packages of steak; and end-of-life care for your pets.

Todd Bookman

Paul Rozin has seen lots of dogs come and go during his 79 years. Suki, you get the sense, wouldn’t make his Hall of Fame.

“Among the dogs I’ve had,” Rozin said, “I would say she’s less than average in intelligence.”

But it seems what she lacks in brains, the shaggy white Cairn terrier more than makes up for in loyalty.

“She’s been a good companion and she’s surprisingly young. I mean, if you look at her, you wouldn’t think she was 15 years old. She’s pretty active,” he said.

Grilling beef today? Read this.

14 hours ago
Kim Adams

There are new labeling requirements from the U.S. Department of Agriculture that might show up on your package of steak. Producers now have to give you a heads up if your meat has been “mechanically tenderized.”

Meat producers know people like their meat tender, and so sometimes, they tenderize it for you. Tiny needles or blades pierce the meat so it is more tender after cooking.

Jessica Placzek

One sign of the tech boom: If you could code and had a pulse, you had a job. That’s changed, said Steven Bryan, an IT specialist who is unemployed.

“I actually never went looking for a job. Normally when something would disappear another door would open up,” Bryan said.

Bryan was at the NOVA Job Center in Sunnyvale, California. It provides career advice mostly to tech workers.

“The hiring itself has slowed down,” said Kris Stadelman, director of NOVA. But she adds that we ought to put that slowdown in perspective.