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David Brancaccio

It became official over the weekend: AT&T wants to buy Time Warner for $85.4 billion. Time Warner's properties include Warner Bros. movie studio, HBO, CNN and DC Comics, among others. 

The deal between AT&T (a company that distributes content) and Time Warner (a company that makes content) echoes a trend already underway in the industry.

Will Visa’s recent PayPal partnership stoke its earnings?

8 hours ago
Nancy Marshall-Genzer

Visa reports earnings Monday, and we'll see results for the first full quarter of its partnership with PayPal. Previously, PayPal actively steered its users away from using Visa to avoid the fees Visa charged on every purchase. Now Visa is getting those fees, and something more strategically important — an entry to the booming, and millennial-friendly, mobile payment space.

Political ad spending hikes prices, cuts inventory

10 hours ago
Gigi Douban

Chances are good, especially if you live in a swing state, that you’re being bombarded by political ads. Between mid-September and mid-October alone, 117,000 presidential ads aired on television, according to the Wesleyan Media Project. This political ad-buying frenzy makes it a tough market for those who want to buy ad space. Prices have gone up substantially these past few weeks and there isn't much inventory out there. So some businesses are holding off on advertising until after the election, while others are turning to more affordable digital options.

Marketplace Tech for Monday, October 24, 2016

10 hours ago

On today's show, we'll look at how Americans feel about voting online; a Politico report that predicted the media could be vulnerable to cyber attacks on election night; and a new study that shows the share of women in tech is declining. 

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It's no secret that this presidential campaign season has been tense, with disagreement and rancor even louder than usual.


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In most cases, when an employer pays a signing bonus to attract new workers, that payment is understood to be essentially unrecoverable. But the Pentagon has a different understanding — and it's ordering the California National Guard to claw back thousands of dollars paid to soldiers who reenlisted to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.