The Sound of Books
4:28 am
Wed August 24, 2011

The Reading Life 8/23/11

New Orleans, LA – This episode of The Reading Life: Mark Folse, author of "Carry Me Home: a Journey Back to New Orleans," and editor of "A Howling in the Wires: An Anthology of Writing from Postdiluvian New Orleans" and journalist Jordan Flaherty, whose new book is "Floodlines: Community and Resistance from Katrina to the Jena Six." Both will be attending Rising Tide 6: A Conference on the Future of New Orleans August 27 at Xavier University.

Gulf Oil Spill
6:32 pm
Tue August 23, 2011

BP Claims Facility Changing Some Requirements

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WWNO News Features
5:08 pm
Tue August 23, 2011

Libyan Couple Reacts to Rebels Taking Tripoli

New Orleans, Louisiana – Four months ago, Eve Abrams interviewed Tarejk and Arwa Rtaimi, a Libyan couple living in New Orleans in order to attend the University of New Orleans. When Libya broke out in Civil War, Tarejk and Arwa felt trapped. Their twin sons, then 18 months old, stayed in Tripoli with their family, and their communication home was limited by what they could safely say.

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Community Impact
12:18 pm
Tue August 23, 2011

Community Impact Series -- Junebug Productions

John O'Neal of Junebug Productions

New Orleans, La. –

A new play from the local nonprofit Junebug Productions is called "Trying to Find My Way Back Home," and it's ostensibly about the story of modern Haiti, the struggles of everyday people there and the way this relates to the African American experience closer to home. Deeper though, this play, staged at the Ash Cultural Arts Center in Central City, takes on themes of brotherhood, the power of community and, ultimately, love. Actor Kwame Ross explains:

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WWNO News Reports
7:12 pm
Mon August 22, 2011

New Orleans Councilman Arnie Fielkow Resigns

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Where Y'Eat
5:31 pm
Sat August 20, 2011

Open Face Sandwiches

WWNO News Reports
9:40 pm
Fri August 19, 2011

Fish Kill Claiming Multiple Species in Pearl River

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