WWNO Commentary
4:51 pm
Fri February 18, 2011

The Most Basic of Things

Dr. Andre Perry

New Orleans, LA – Andre Perry discusses hunger and its impact on learning.

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WWNO Arts Features
5:28 pm
Thu February 17, 2011

"American Masters"

Carlos Miguel Prieto

New Orleans, LA – WWNO's Farrar Hudkins talks with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra's music director, Carlos Miguel Prieto, about the group's latest performance.

To learn more about the 2010-2011 LPO season, visit their website.

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Gulf Oil Spill
5:14 pm
Thu February 17, 2011

Oil Industry Unveils New Spill-Containment System

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The Sound of Books
3:13 pm
Thu February 17, 2011

New Orleans Mediator, Psychotherapist and Freelance Writer Orissa Arend's Recent Book "Showdown in Desire: The Black Panthers Take A Stand In New Orleans"

New Orleans – Today-on "The Sound of Books" - with Fred Kasten - the recent book by New Orleans mediator, psychotherapist and freelance writer Orissa Arend - "Showdown in Desire: the Black Panthers Take a Stand in New Orleans"...

To find out more about Orissa Arend, "Showdown in Desire" - or the audio version of the book - please click here .

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Education Matters
11:35 am
Thu February 17, 2011

Early Childhood Education in New Orleans

Children enrolled in one of Louisiana's pre-k development programs.

New Orleans, LA – Local early childhood education advocates are closely monitoring the budget battle shaping up between the Obama Administration and House Republicans' vastly different funding philosophies for the nation's Head Start program. At the same time, Louisiana's highly praised L-A-4 pre-k program lingers in limbo, under-funded and, therefore, under-utilized. Angela Taylor takes a closer look at what this means for New Orleans.

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All Things N. O.
11:11 am
Thu February 17, 2011

All Things N.O. 2-17-11

New Orleans, LA – Jack Hopke hosts WWNO's weekly news magazine.

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Arts & Culture
10:32 am
Thu February 17, 2011

SAND Collective at Degas House

New Orleans, La. – The historic Degas House is the site of a new concert series this month, as a group of talented emerging jazz musicians known as the SAND collective [Same Art/New Direction] forges a unique sound.
The concerts are held Thursday evenings through the month of February from 7 to 10. February 17th features WATIV at 7pm, Rex Gregory at 8:30pm. On February 24th, The Session at 7pm and Sasha Masakowski's Musical Playground at 8:30pm. The Degas House is located at 2306 Esplanade Avenue.

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Where Y'Eat
2:42 am
Thu February 17, 2011

Beholding "Burger Week"

Burgers are booming around New Orleans. This one is from the Carrollton-area newcomer Cowbell.
Ian McNulty

New Orleans, La. –
New Orleans is a town with a culinary identity quite unlike anywhere else in the world. But we're also a city where the most universal of all American comfort foods, the most crowd-pleasing, democratic, everyman meal, has an especially close following. That's the hamburger, of course, and perhaps the best illustration of what I'm talking about can be boiled down to two words: Burger Week.

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Gulf Oil Spill
10:35 pm
Wed February 16, 2011

Gulf Coast initiative begins to better prepare for natural and man-made disasters

New Orleans, La. – Communities from Florida to Texas will be asked over the next 18 months about what they want their regions to look like in the future, and how that can be accomplished. At a Plaquemines Parish news conference, foundation chairman King Milling says a coordinated plan must be devised to make the coast resilient to storms, rising seas and disasters, like the BP oil spill.

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Louisiana Eats!
5:25 pm
Wed February 16, 2011

Peeling Apart the Segregated Past

Although it is iconic, the New Orleans streetcar has a dark history.

Shrimp Creole
From Woodstoves to Microwaves

2 tablespoons cooking oil
1 large onion, minced
1 clove garlic, minced
2 tablespoons green pepper, minced
1 tablespoon flour
1 8 oz. can tomato sauce
1/8 teaspoon cayenne
1 1/2 to 2 cans water
Pinch of thyme
2 tablespoons parsley
2 pounds shrimp, cleaned
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper

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