Make Wetlands Great Again
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Louisiana spends heavily on building wetlands and levees to protect its eroding coast. Over the next three years, the state plans to put nearly $300 million into land-building alone. But as the true picture of sea level rise comes into view, officials may need to explore a less popular option: retreat from the coast.

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Three months after flood waters devastated southeast Louisiana, Governor John Bel Edwards is hoping his second request for federal funds will be approved before Congress adjourns for the year. Part of the $4-billion request would be designated for infrastructure improvements. He addressed the topic in his monthly radio call-in show.

Photographer Zack Smith.
It's New Orleans

Believe it or not, it was only 2013 that the word “selfie” was created.

Photography used to be a highly technical and creatively demanding art-form. Whether or not taking portraits of ourselves with our phones is the all-time low in the world of photographic arts, only time will tell. Photographer Zack Smith and designer Jennifer Kelly are Peter Ricchiuti's guests on Out to Lunch.

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What do Bourbon Street, the film Cabaret, and the word “extravaganza” have in common? They are all linked in some way to the art of burlesque dancing. NolaVie’s David Benedetto recently dove into the art form with longtime performer Bella Blue. Bella is a member of the Foxglove Revue and serves as the Headmistress of the New Orleans School of Burlesque.

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This week on Inside the Arts, the Marigny Opera Ballet opens its season with Giselle Deslondes. It is a full length contemporary ballet, based on the classic Giselle, but set in 1930's New Orleans.

A new study from Tulane University found children in New Orleans are affected biologically by their neighborhoods.

This week on The Reading Life:  Peggy Scott Laborde, author of "The Fairgrounds Through the Lens: Photographs and Memories of Horse Racing in New Orleans," has some great racetrack tales, followed by Dan Bright and Justin Nobel, author of the compelling chronicle, "The Story of Dan Bright: Crime, Corruption and Injustice in the Crescent City."

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This week on Le Show,  Harry Shearer has a new episode of Clintonsomething and plays an original song, "Mitchell & Jessen." Plus This Is Your Brain on the War on Drugs, News of the Olympic Movement, The World of Microplastics, News of the Godly, The Apologies of the Week, News of the Atom, News of Secrets, News from Outside the Bubble, and more!

The music of the 14th century Italian composer, Francesco Landini, is featured on this Continuum. His love songs, 146 of which are contained in the famous Squarcialupi Codex, an illuminated manuscript compiled in Florence, Italy in the early 15th century are major compositions for this period of early Italian music. In addition to the songs of Landini, a selection of songs by Ghirardello da Firenze from the same Codex are also heard.

Louisiana Elections and Flood Recovery Funding

Nov 11, 2016

Jessica Rosgaard: We’re talking to Elizabeth Crisp, Capitol Reporter for The Advocate, about the election, Louisiana's open Senate seat, and the future of flood recovery funding requests. Elizabeth, thanks for joining us.

Elizabeth Crisp: Thanks for having me.