HD Radio

What is HD Radio on WWNO?

HD Radio allows WWNO to broadcast news, music and other radio programs digitally, on the same frequency as the station’s traditional signal, and with “CD-quality” sound, virtually eliminating the static, signal fading, and pops typical of analog radio. The technology also allows for new data services such as artist and song title, traffic updates, and weather services. Unlike digital “satellite” or subscription radio, HD radio is free to all listeners with an HD receiver.

The HD radio website  is filled with information, from a technical explanation of the technology, to retailers where you can buy HD radios and related equipment.

You can also find many options, for your home and car, on Amazon.com.


Some HD Radios Currently On The Market

Insignia™ — HD and FM Radio

HD Radio by Insignia™

Model: NS-HDRAD (shipping: 7-10 days after payment)

Enjoy crystal-clear audio with this Insignia™ NS-HDRAD tabletop radio that features 10 station presets for easy access to your favorite WWNO channels or other FM stations. Two 3.5mm input jacks let you connect headphones and a compatible audio device. Runs on AC power or four AA batteries. Great for home or office, under sunny or stormy skies. Try it wherever you go!

Insignia™ — CD Boombox with HD and FM Radio

Insignia™ — CD Boombox with HD and FM Radio

Model: NS-BHDIP01 (shipping: 7-10 days after payment)

Features a built-in Apple iPod and iPhone® dock: Supports 1st-, 2nd-, 3rd-, 4th-, 5th- and 6th-generation iPod nano, iPod with color display (20GB, 40GB and 60GB), 4th-generation iPod touch (20GB, 40GB), iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

You will enjoy our HD channels as well as other FM stations; ten station presets allow you to easily find and listen to your favorites. It is also compatible with devices with a 3.5mm headphone jack via line-in connection.  For portability use batteries (requires 6 C batteries, not included.)

What are WWNO’s HD Channels?

WWNO offers three HD channels, and three offer continual broadcasting 24 hours a day throughout the year.

  • WWNO1 broadcasts the same programming as the traditional 89.9 analog signal.
  • WWNO2 complements the main signal, presenting classical music 24 hours a day. By switching between the two, listeners can “mix their own WWNO,” to suit their preference.
  • WWNO3 presents jazz all the time — instrumental, vocal, classic, and emerging talent. The WWNO3 schedule brings you the widest range of this great American musical art form.

Listening on an HD Radio

All you need to listen to WWNO’s HD channels is an HD radio. These radios are available at electronic retailers and online starting under $50. Numerous car manufacturers are now offering factory-installed and aftermarket HD radios, too! Click here for a complete list of car manufacturers who are now offering HD radios.

In addition to WWNO, there are numerous radio stations that are offering HD technology. Your investment in an HD radio will allow you to enjoy HD quality on all your favorite stations. Click here for a list of Louisiana stations that offer HD broadcasts.

Listening on a Computer

If you are not near an HD radio, you can hear WWNO1 (89.9), WWNO2 or WWNO3 programs on your computer at WWNO.org. All you need is: your computer, speakers and media player software for Windows or Apple. This software is almost always pre-installed with the basic operating system.

You can also click "Listen Live" on any page of this website to access our web player.