Bonerama en New Orleans Trombonist Mark Mullins and Bonerama Play Jazz Fest Friday, May 4th <p>New Orleans&nbsp;trombonist Mark Mullins, and his slidework colleague&nbsp;Craig&nbsp;Klein, formed Bonerama&nbsp;nearly 15 years ago to&nbsp;put the trombone front and center in a contemporary music ensemble &ndash; a notion Mullins&nbsp;began nurturing&nbsp;from his earliest days playing trombone.&nbsp; Mark Mullins and Bonerama play&nbsp;Jazz Fest Friday, May 4th.</p><p> Wed, 25 Apr 2012 19:29:23 +0000 Fred Kasten 9409 at Bonerama Blows Their Horn and Natural Gas Supply Increases <p>On this week&#39;s episode, trombonists Craig Klein and Mark Mullins discuss their musical careers in Bonerama; Rev. Lonell Wright helps foster community in the Lower 9th Ward; Peter Ricchiuti discusses the surplus of natural gas in America; and Gwen Thompkins pleads for civil political discourse. Fri, 20 Apr 2012 15:31:57 +0000 WWNO Staff 9106 at