Kathy Kliebert http://wwno.org en DHH Secretary: Disability Services Still A Priority, Despite Funding Veto http://wwno.org/post/dhh-secretary-disability-services-still-priority-despite-funding-veto <a href="http://cpa.ds.npr.org/wrkf/audio/2013/07/072513_NOWWaiver2way_AW2way_1.mp3" class="asset-audio"></a><p>At the close of the recent legislative session, Gov. Bobby Jindal vetoed additional funding to pay for services for the developmentally disabled.<p>Two weeks ago, an effort to override the veto failed.<p>The $3.9 million would have covered a partial year of comprehensive at-home disability services for an additional 200 people through what are called "New Opportunity Waivers".<p> Thu, 25 Jul 2013 21:57:00 +0000 Ashley Westerman 40333 at http://wwno.org