home elevation http://wwno.org en The Lens: $11.8 Million In Federal Home Elevation Grants Under Review http://wwno.org/post/lens-118-million-federal-home-elevation-grants-under-review <p>Home elevation has been a big topic — and a big headache — since the post-Katrina floods of 2005. It’s often an expensive process, but our partners at The Lens found a home elevation grant program that seems to have a particularly big price tag: $11.8 million dollars to raise 48 to 55 homes. That’s about a quarter million per house, on average.</p><p>Reporter Charles Maldonado at The Lens looked deeper into this budget item. He talked to WWNO News Director Eve Troeh about the situation.</p> Wed, 17 Jul 2013 19:11:11 +0000 Eve Troeh & Charles Maldonado 39777 at http://wwno.org