defense of marriage act en How We Go Forward From DOMA <p></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">The Supreme Court’s decision to strike down part of the Defense of Marriage Act, or </span>DOMA<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> as it is commonly called, was both celebrated — and mourned — across America.</span></p><p> Sun, 30 Jun 2013 18:48:09 +0000 Brett Will Taylor 38463 at What Do The DOMA And Prop. 8 Rulings Mean For Louisiana? The US Supreme Court may have recognized all marriage as equal Wednesday, but same-sex couple still can’t get married in Louisiana. Same-sex marriages that are valid in other states will not be recognized by the state if the couple chooses to move to Louisiana.<p>So what does this mean for Louisiana?&#160;<p> Wed, 26 Jun 2013 22:12:00 +0000 Kelly Connelly 38255 at