tasers http://wwno.org en NOPD’s Decision To Drop Pepper Spray In Favor Of Tasers Raises Questions About Use Of Force http://wwno.org/post/nopd-s-decision-drop-pepper-spray-favor-tasers-raises-questions-about-use-force <p>The New Orleans Police Department is expanding its use of Tasers and dropping pepper spray from its arsenal as part of a consent decree addressing complaints over police brutality, training and civil rights violations.</p><p>The department says it’s dropping pepper spray because its cops hardly ever use it — just eight times so far in 2012, compared to 140 Taser discharges. The department prefers Tasers in part because it’s easier to track their use; the devices count how many times they’re discharged and onboard cameras provide video of incidents.</p> Tue, 13 Nov 2012 18:03:17 +0000 TOM GOGOLA | The Lens 23340 at http://wwno.org