Rebecca Scott en Historian Rebecca Scott and author Candice Proctor <p><span>This week on The Reading Life</span>: University of Michigan historian <span style="color:rgb(29,35,38)">Rebecca Scott</span><b><span>, </span></b><span>co-author</span><span>&nbsp;of&nbsp;<b> </b></span><span>&quot;Freedom Papers: An Atlantic Odyssey in the Age of Emancipation</span><span>,&quot; whose new work traces four generations of a family, from Africa to Haiti and Cuba and New Orleans to France and Belgium; and </span><span style="">New Orleans writer Candice Proctor discusses her new Regency-set mystery,&ldquo;When Maidens Mourn,&rdquo; the seventh in her series featuring Se Wed, 29 Feb 2012 01:00:00 +0000 Susan Larson 6098 at