media en Out To Lunch: Common Sense <p></p><p></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Common sense is difficult to define. In business, people with unique and quirky ideas can run into a lot of negativity based on "common sense." Like the guys who decided that, at a time when newspapers are going under all over the country, they're going to launch a brand new daily newspaper in New Orleans. Crazy, right?</span></p><p>That newspaper is The Advocate. Its editor, Peter Kovacs, who was canned by the Times-Picayune in its business realignment to a 3-day-a-week paper, is Peter's guest on this episode of Out to Lunch.</p> Thu, 12 Jun 2014 18:00:00 +0000 Peter Ricchiuti 62168 at An Old-Fashioned Newspaperman Takes The Helm In A Digital World <em>The New York Times</em>' new executive editor, Dean Baquet, took over just two weeks ago, yet he appears perfectly comfortable in his perch atop the worlds of journalism and New York. He smokes fine cigars to relax, wears elegant loafers and excuses his decision to keep his suit coat on during our conversation by saying that's just who he is.<p>But Baquet's identity is wrapped up in a city and a different reality more than 1,000 miles away.<p>"I did not grow up with a whole lot of money in New Orleans," Baquet told me. Fri, 30 May 2014 23:53:00 +0000 David Folkenflik 61740 at New Orleans Native Dean Baquet Named Editor Of The New York Times <p>New Orleans native Dean Baquet has been named executive editor of The New York Times. He is replacing Jill Abramson, who has been in the position for two and a half years.</p><p><br />The company didn't give a reason for the change.</p><p><br />Baquet, who received a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting in 1988, has worked for the Times for seven years. He would be the first African-American to hold the newspaper's highest editorial position.</p> Wed, 14 May 2014 20:57:23 +0000 Associated Press 60729 at From The Newsroom To The Classroom: Food Media & Food Studies <p></p> Sat, 08 Mar 2014 06:03:51 +0000 Poppy Tooker 55306 at Louisiana Healthcare Journal Expands to Little Rock Louisiana Healthcare Journal started in Baton Rouge, then launched a publication in New Orleans in 2011.<p>It has been publishing in Little Rock since November, and now the Baton Rouge-based enterprise is looking to move into markets farther afield.<p><a href="" class="asset-audio"></a><p> Sun, 26 Jan 2014 12:47:00 +0000 Susan Hidalgo-Smith 52780 at The Advocate's Secret Weapon: A Speedy Press It's sort of a fluke.<p>The Baton Rouge paper had been nursing its 1950s era letterpresses for years when it finally had to bite the bullet and invest in a new production facility. The speedy offset press came online in 2006, just as the country headed into a recession and the newspaper industry was tanking.<p>So when John Georges closed the deal to buy <em>The Advocate</em> in May, it came with one of the newest printing presses in the country.<img class="wysiwyg-asset-image-wrapper inset" typeof="foaf:Image" src="" alt="" /><p><a href="" class="asset-audio"></a><p> Fri, 14 Jun 2013 20:40:18 +0000 Amy Jeffries 37187 at Interviews: Advocate Publisher John Georges, Business Report Publisher Rolfe McCollister R.T. Scott talks with John Georges, the new publisher of The Advocate which is producing an edition to compete with the Times-Pic in New Orleans, and Rolfe McCollister, publisher of the Baton Rouge Business report, about what the changes mean for readers in Baton Rouge.<p><em>Audio will be available by approximately 11 a.m. Tuesday, June 11. </em><div class="yj6qo ajU"><div class="ajR" data-tooltip="Show trimmed content" id=":2pm" role="button" tabindex="0"><img class="ajT" src=""></div></div><p> Mon, 10 Jun 2013 16:30:00 +0000 Robert Travis Scott 37142 at Two Newspapers Battle It Out For The New Orleans Market Last year when New Orleans' main paper, <em>The Times-Picayune,</em> laid off dozens of newspaper employees and cut its circulation to three times a week, residents were shocked.<p>Sharron Morrow and her friends had bonded over the morning paper at a local coffee shop for the past 20 years.<p>"I've stopped my subscription, and I mourn the paper almost every day," she says.<p><strong>Shifting Media Players</strong><p>Newspaper circulation has been <a href="">rapidly declining</a> Wed, 29 May 2013 20:39:41 +0000 Eve Troeh 36355 at Interviews: First Amendment Lawyer James Goodale Jim talks with noted 1st amendment lawyer James Goodale about the recent scandal involving alleged Obama Administration members snooping on news reporters.<p>Author Holcomb Noble of his book, "Cheney's War Crime: The Reign Of A De Facto President"<p>P.R. pro Randy Hayden, representing the Louisiana Family Forum, talks about the group's "Over The Edge" rappelling event; part of a statewide campaign to promote adoption.<a href="" class="asset-audio"></a><p><em> Mon, 27 May 2013 18:44:00 +0000 editor 36224 at New News Habits In New Orleans <p><span style="color: rgb(34, 31, 31); font-family: minion-pro, Georgia, 'Times New Roman', Times, serif; font-size: 16px; line-height: 24px;">A year ago today, news leaked that The Times-Picayune would cease daily publication, cut staff and focus on its website, The paper and ink edition now hits doorsteps and newsstands just three days a week: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.</span></p> Fri, 24 May 2013 14:25:43 +0000 Eve Troeh & Bevil Knapp 36039 at