running of the santas en It's a Wonderful Life and Santa Run <p class="legacy-audio-url"> <div class="audio-container"> <div id="jp-interface-53ce38b8b9864-" class="jp-interface"> <div id="post-audio-53ce38b8b9864-" class="jp-player" jp-instance="53ce38b8b9864-"></div> <div class="jp-controls column"> <div class="jp-progress"> <div class="jp-seek-bar"> <div class="jp-play-bar"></div> </div> </div><!-- end jp-progress --> </div><!-- end jp-controls --> <div class="playpause column"> <a href="" class="jp-play">Listen</a> <a class="jp-pause"></a> </div><!-- playpause --> <div class="jp-time-holder column"> <div class="jp-custom-current-time"></div> <div class="jp-custom-duration"></div> </div><!-- jp-time-holder --> <div id="slider"></div> </div><!-- .jp-interface --> </div><!-- container --> </p> <p>The first Running of the Santas will inundate the Warehouse District on Saturday, while across town in Metairie, on Sunday, a live radio play of the holiday classic <i>It's A Wonderful Life</i> transports audiences back in time. We go Inside the Arts for a sneak peek at both events.</p> Fri, 16 Dec 2011 17:43:54 +0000 Diane Mack 3473 at