Marilyn Geewax en Economists Say Inflation Is Tame; Consumers Aren't Buying It Economists regularly issue reports calling inflation tame or mild, or some other word that suggests consumers shouldn't be feeling much pain.<p>One example: "Inflation has been tame and this is providing households with some relief" from economic stress, according to an assessment done this week by PNC Financial Services.<p>But if you happen to be buying gasoline or groceries, you may not be feeling relieved — at all.<p>"It's kind of hard to even buy milk and bread," said Kimberly Acevedo, a bank teller who was shopping at a Best Market in Harlem. Fri, 11 Jul 2014 11:02:00 +0000 Marilyn Geewax 64248 at Hiring Looks Good Now, But Wage Growth Lags The unemployment report released Thursday by the Labor Department offered great news for job seekers: <a href="">Hiring boomed</a> in June.<p>That good news helped send stock prices to record levels, with the Dow Jones industrial average crossing the 17,000 mark for the first time to close at 17,068.26, up 92.02.<p>Unfortunately, the jobs report also contained sobering news for people who already have jobs: All of that hiring is not translating into wage hikes. Thu, 03 Jul 2014 20:03:00 +0000 Marilyn Geewax 63834 at How Many Companies Will Be Touched By Court's Contraception Ruling? When the Supreme Court ruled Monday that "closely held" corporations <a href="file:///C:/Users/aschneider/Documents/My%20Documents/326926331">don't have to pay for workers' contraception</a>, you may have assumed the decision applied only to family-owned businesses.<p>Wrong. Mon, 30 Jun 2014 22:41:00 +0000 Marilyn Geewax 63573 at U.K. Loses Big Vote On The Future Of Europe — Now What? The European Union made history Friday by bringing three of Russia's neighbors — Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova — under its economic tent.<p>The <a href="">eastward expansion</a> of trade agreements will push European influence deep into a region that Russia would like to dominate. Fri, 27 Jun 2014 17:51:00 +0000 Marilyn Geewax 63433 at In Flanders Fields, Europeans Still Learning How To Get Along On Thursday, European leaders are gathering in Belgium to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I — the bloodbath that ended millions of European lives.<p>And killed 116,516 U.S. troops. Thu, 26 Jun 2014 11:03:00 +0000 Marilyn Geewax 63294 at Job Outlook Brightens For Graduates, Though Problems Linger Congratulations Class of 2014! You are entering a labor market that offers a record number of paychecks.<p>On Friday, the Labor Department said the U.S. economy now has <a href="">138.5 million jobs</a>, slightly more than the previous high set in early 2008 — just as the Great Recession was tightening its grip.<p>The post-recession peak came after employers added 217,000 jobs in May. That marked the fourth straight month when payrolls increased by at least 200,000. Sat, 07 Jun 2014 09:46:00 +0000 Marilyn Geewax 62115 at Is Pushing Interest Rates To Less Than Zero A Crazy Idea? By now, you may have heard that on Thursday, the European Central Bank shifted to a <em>negative</em><em> </em>interest-rate policy for deposits.<p>That news may have prompted two thoughts: 1) Isn't that crazy? 2) Who cares what happens in Europe?<p>These questions have answers. But first, some background:<p>The <a href="">European Central Bank</a>'s mission is to promote price stability and steady growth. Thu, 05 Jun 2014 22:34:00 +0000 Marilyn Geewax 62043 at Regulators And Airlines Fight Over Fares, Fees And Fairness This week, the Department of Transportation hit Southwest Airlines with a <a href="">$200,000 fine</a> for touting a fare that did not exist. The carrier had said in a TV ad that customers in Atlanta could fly to New York, Chicago or Los Angeles for just $59. But the bargain fare turned out to be too good to be true.<p>Southwest, which paid a fine for a similar problem last year, says the ad was a mistake. Sat, 31 May 2014 17:22:00 +0000 Marilyn Geewax 61768 at The Economy Takes A Dip, But Analysts Look For It To Snap Back The Commerce Department on Thursday <a href="">said the U.S. economy shriveled</a> during the icy winter, contracting at a 1 percent pace.<p>So does that news leave you feeling chilled with disappointment, or revved up for a summer rebound?<p>How consumers and business owners answer may determine the direction of jobs and economic growth for the back half of 2014.<p>Most economists favor the revved-up scenario. Thu, 29 May 2014 20:28:00 +0000 Marilyn Geewax 61657 at It's Geithner Vs. Warren In Battle Of The Bailout The financial crisis of 2008 caused such an enormous upheaval that future historians will long be asking: Who caused it? Who fixed it? Could it have turned out better?<p>Recently, two key players looked back: Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner wrote <em>S</em><em>tress Test, Reflections on Financial Crisis</em><em>,</em> and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren wrote <em>A Fighting Chance</em><em>.</em><p>The two reached opposite conclusions. Geithner believes the bank bailout proved its worth. Sun, 25 May 2014 09:29:00 +0000 Marilyn Geewax 61309 at