Ryan Loyd http://wwno.org en Raising The Heat With Cool Soup And Trout Salad http://wwno.org/post/raising-heat-cool-soup-and-trout-salad San Antonio is no stranger to triple-digit heat this time of year. That's why Jason Dady likes to keep it cool in the kitchen of his northern Italian-themed restaurant called Tre Trattoria.<p>This time of year, the tomatoes and cucumbers are fresh, the veggies are bountiful, and Dady says it's one of the season's highlights to have fun with light and refreshing food.<p>For the gazpacho, Dady chops cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers, then adds some water. Sun, 07 Jul 2013 19:13:42 +0000 Ryan Loyd 39008 at http://wwno.org Massive Bat Cave Stirs Texas-Size Debate Over Development http://wwno.org/post/massive-bat-cave-stirs-texas-sized-debate-over-development The Bracken Bat Cave, just north of San Antonio, is as rural as it gets. You have to drive down a long, 2-mile rocky road to reach it. There's nothing nearby — no lights, no running water. The only thing you hear are the katydids.<p>The cave houses a massive bat colony, as it has for an estimated 10,000 years. Tue, 11 Jun 2013 21:16:00 +0000 Ryan Loyd 37284 at http://wwno.org Four-Legged Warriors Show Signs Of PTSD http://wwno.org/post/four-legged-warriors-show-signs-ptsd For years, PTSD — or post-traumatic stress disorder — has been an issue for military members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.<p>But humans aren't the only ones with problems. Military dogs returning from war zones are also showing signs of PTSD. And there's evidence that these canines need some extra tender loving care after their tours of duty.<p>Every morning, veterinarian technicians check playful and intelligent Belgian Malinois pups at the Holland Military Working Dog Hospital at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland. Mon, 11 Mar 2013 19:51:00 +0000 Ryan Loyd 31021 at http://wwno.org