Nina Keck en Schussing Down Slopes Can Snowball Into A Search-And-Rescue Bill Fresh snow lures a lot of people to do some outdoor exploring, but sometimes that exploring can go too far. When snowmobilers or skiers wander off or get in over their heads, many call 911, putting a strain on already underfunded search-and-rescue budgets.<p>In Vermont, state police have had to help find 50 lost skiers in the past four weeks.<p><em></em>At the Killington resort in Vermont, snowboarders are checking out an expert run on the summit, watching others hit the white powder. Wed, 23 Jan 2013 08:36:00 +0000 Nina Keck 27583 at Americans Rediscover The Kick Of Hard Cider A couple hundred years ago. hard apple cider used to be the drink of choice for thirsty Americans. It was easy to make and easy to find. But as people moved into cities, and beer became more popular, cider fell <a href="">out of fashion</a>.<p>Now it's come roaring back. U.S. hard cider sales are up 65 percent over last year, and just about all the big beer companies sell it, as well as many artisan brewers. Finding cider at your local bar is often no longer a problem.<strong> Thu, 08 Nov 2012 08:29:00 +0000 Nina Keck 23027 at Despite Protest, College Plans To Slaughter, Serve Farm's Beloved Oxen If the thought of eating <a href="">horse meat</a> makes you queasy, what about strong, sturdy oxen? A small Vermont college that emphasizes sustainable living will soon slaughter two beloved campus residents: Bill and Lou, a pair of oxen. Sun, 21 Oct 2012 10:32:00 +0000 Nina Keck 21978 at