Linda Holmes en The Muscle-Flexing, Mind-Blowing Book Girls Will Inherit The Earth The first ever BookCon, planned as an extension of the mega trade show Book Expo America by the same people who do Comic-Con, took place last weekend. It was headlined by, among other things, <a href="">a robust diversity debate</a> that bloomed on social media around the hashtag #WeNeedDiverseBooks. Fri, 04 Jul 2014 19:21:33 +0000 Linda Holmes 63881 at Pop Culture Happy Hour: 'Godzilla' And Things That Got Better First of all: <a href="" target="_blank">LIVE SHOW TICKETS!</a> (On sale June 2 — that's a week from this coming Monday — at noon Eastern.)<p>Just wanted to put that up there; we'll get back to it.<p>This week takes me, Stephen, Glen and our friend Matt Thompson to <em>Godzilla</em>, which gets the same mixed review from us that it's gotten in general: better at monsters than at humans, better at looks than plot, but very appealing to a certain piece of (particularly) Glen's soul. Mon, 16 Jun 2014 22:19:21 +0000 Linda Holmes 62709 at Be Wary And Bury The Very Scary 'I Wanna Marry Harry' Gather round, children, and I will tell you of a dark time. A cruel time.<p>It was a time when reality dating shows were even worse than they are now.<p>Little remains of what was once a rich tapestry of such programming, if by "rich" you mean "smelly" and by "tapestry" you mean "garbage heap." Back in the day, <em>Joe Millionaire</em> featured a poor guy posing as a rich guy. <em>Married By America </em>resulted in nobody getting married. Monica Lewinsky hosted a show called <em>Mr. Personality</em> where the guys wore masks. Sun, 15 Jun 2014 22:37:05 +0000 Linda Holmes 62603 at Entirely Real Photos: Queen Elizabeth Delightfully Takes In A Horse Show The wonderful thing about this picture is that in it, Queen Elizabeth — who is at the Royal Windsor Horse Show — looks like any other grandma.<p>I remember <a href="" target="_blank">watching her</a> rattle by in her ... carriage? coach? ... and thinking about how unreal it was. Even without any particular appreciation for ceremony, royalty in general, or this particular royal family, the Queen is such a <em>figure</em> to a lot of people. Sun, 15 Jun 2014 19:56:54 +0000 Linda Holmes 62525 at Pop Culture Happy Hour: Fairy Tales And A Fall TV Quiz We could not be happier to bring back our friend Barrie Hardymon, who's out in California but still made time to come and chat with us. In recognition that we are soon to see the live-action <em>Maleficent </em>coming from Disney, we chat about fairy tales. "These are stories we tell our kids to get them to abandon us," Glen says. "We're giving them the psychic armor, the psychic tools, to say goodbye." We talk about old fairy tales, Disney-fied versions, and Glen's recognition that Germany hasn't had an easy time of it with their own versions. Sun, 15 Jun 2014 19:56:11 +0000 Linda Holmes 62524 at An Interview With The Alleged Purse Of Solange Knowles This is the third in a <a href="" target="_blank">very occasional series</a> of <a href="" target="_blank">posts</a> in which we interview inanimate objects during fever dreams. Sun, 25 May 2014 18:43:33 +0000 Linda Holmes 61374 at A First Glimpse: Sometimes You're The Batmobile, Sometimes You're The Bat Today, Zack Snyder, the director of <em>Batman vs. Superman</em>, due in 2016, tweeted what he said was the first photo of the Batmobile. Beside it is ... Batman! Or, as Snyder put it, "#Batman." Because that's what we do now instead of using our words.<p>Now before you get all bent out of shape that this looks at least 10 percent more unrelentingly gray than Snyder's <em>Man Of Steel</em> last year, keep in mind that this is no Instagram quickie created with a phone. Sun, 25 May 2014 18:35:09 +0000 Linda Holmes 61362 at The Comb, The Thrill And The Flop Saturday at about 10:30 in the morning, as New York took a turn for the muggy in what turned out to be anticipation of rain, I climbed the steps to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art and rented one of the audio guide units that hang around your neck on an orange strap. I stayed about five hours, wearing out the battery on the audio unit and turning it in for another, wandering from the Egyptian art into the Temple of Dendur, through European sculptures to Arms and Armor and the American Wing, through Oceania, Africa and the Americas. Sun, 25 May 2014 17:16:01 +0000 Linda Holmes 61326 at 'Batman V Superman': A Legal Thriller (We Hope) We learned today that the upcoming sequel to <em>Man Of Steel</em> will be called <em>Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice</em>.<p>This is interesting for several reasons. First of all, "Dawn Of Justice" sounds like a dirty movie about sheriffs. Wed, 21 May 2014 19:12:33 +0000 Linda Holmes 61132 at Daniel Radcliffe And The Blood And Breath Of Live Theater There is a strong crossover between your Daniel Radcliffe People and your Harry Potter People, for obvious reasons. Next to me at Broadway's Cort Theater on Thursday night, watching Radcliffe in Martin McDonagh's comedy <em>The Cripple Of Inishmaan</em> (a production that's Tony-nominated for Best Revival Of A Play) were three young women. Their first priority: finding out where to await him when the show was over, and strategically how to get a good spot. Fri, 09 May 2014 17:23:30 +0000 Linda Holmes 60450 at