Coastal News Roundup: Perspective On Hurricanes

The National Hurricane Center predicted 2017 to be an above-average year for storms. But so far Harvey and Irma have been some of the strongest storms on record. Environmental reporter Mark Schleifstein has reported on hurricanes throughout his 33 years with The Times-Picayune. As a result, he's garnered quite a reputation. On this week's coastal news roundup, WWNO coastal reporter Tegan Wendland and The Times-Picayune coastal reporter Sara Sneath talk with him about how modeling has...

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What's New on Classical 104.9 FM

Here at Classical 104.9 FM, we really enjoy being able to broadcast the newest releases from the current generation of classical music superstars: Joshua Bell, Murray Perahia, Hilary Hahn, Mischa Maisky and Dawn Upshaw, to name just a few. But, as our music library continues to grow, we’re often discovering CDs that were released in the past 5-10 years that we missed out on obtaining the first time around. And, while these amazing recordings aren’t the newest-of-the-new, we’re still thrilled...

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Hillary Clinton Is 'Done,' But Not Going Away

Hillary Clinton's final campaign for office ended in a shocking defeat. But she isn't going quietly into the night. "I think the country's at risk, and I'm trying to sound the alarm so more people will at least pay attention," Clinton told NPR. That said, her career as a candidate is over. "I'm done. I'm not running for office," Clinton said. But for those, including Democrats, who would like her to just go away? "Well, they're going to be disappointed," she said. "I'm not going anywhere. I...

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The mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, said yesterday that to help revive his city's economy he'd like to expand casino gambling in the city's major hotels. The plan has many obstacles to overcome, from state backing to popular support. NPR's Jan--Ina Jaffe reports.

INA JAFFE reporting:



This is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News. I'm Michele Norris.

The clean-up in New Orleans is well under way. Now city officials are beginning to think about the next phase: rebuilding. Mayor Ray Nagin has appointed a 17-member commission to advise on how best to bring back the devastated city. Among the first questions: Who will pay for the rebuilding, and for whom will the city be rebuilt? NPR's Greg Allen reports.

GREG ALLEN reporting:



Renewed flooding and widespread power outages spread across New Orleans as Hurricane Rita blew through the Gulf Coast. But for a city already reeling from the effects of Hurricane Katrina, the damage from Rita was far less than feared. NPR's Cheryl Corley reports from New Orleans.

CHERYL CORLEY reporting:

Katrina Cleanup Proceeds as Rita Approaches

Sep 20, 2005



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This is MORNING EDITION from NPR News. I'm Renee Montagne.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has issued a mandatory evacuation order for everyone in his flood-stricken city.

Mayor RAY NAGIN (New Orleans): There are toxins in the water. There are gas leaks where we may have explosions. We're fighting at least four fires right now, and we don't have running water. It is not safe.

New Orleans Mayor: Thousands Could be Dead

Aug 31, 2005



From NPR West, this is DAY TO DAY. I'm Alex Chadwick.

Coming up, we'll go to Mississippi, where now more than 100 people are thought to have died in Hurricane Katrina.

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A fried shrimp po-boy from Avery's on Tulane.
Ian McNulty

Where Y’Eat: Why New Orleans Can’t Stop Talking About Food

We talk about it with our best friends and with perfect strangers. We rant about it online and we dream about it at night. It's a natural fixation when we’re hungry, yet we still talk about it when our mouths are full. It's the food of New Orleans, compelling, often uniting, frequently divisive and never boring, at least not if you’re doing it right. May it always be at the ends of our forks and on the tips of our tongues.

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Real Journalism vs. Fake News

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