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All Things New Orleans: Tank and The Bangas

This week on All Things New Orleans we had a chat with NPR's Tiny Desk Contest winner, Tank and The Bangas. The New Orleans band is known for their culmination of R&B and Funk with Rock, atop the vocals and poetic power of lead singer, Tarriona "Tank" Ball. Here at WWNO, we don't have a "Tiny Desk" but our studio is equipped with a digital piano. Before recording the interview, Tank and keyboard Banga, Merell Burkett played around for a minute and here's what it sounds like. Follow Tank...

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The fried seafood boat at Morton's Seafood in Madisonville.
Ian McNulty

Where Y'Eat: The Seafood Boat Sails On At Old Fashioned New Orleans Eateries

The seafood boat is not a po-boy , and it’s different from a seafood platter. It belongs to its own niche. It flies brazenly in the face of modern low-carb diets, but survives at a handful of eateries. It can kindle cravings in those with a nostalgic bent, and maybe event those who enjoy a little spectacle with their supper.

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Amy Scott

Colleges try to reassure international students

Indiana State University in Terre Haute is typically pretty deserted during spring break. But on a cold afternoon earlier this month, several dozen international students gathered for lunch in the student union. “I feel for you, and the fact that you’re here at Indiana State University and not in a warmer climate,” Chris McGrew told the students as they dined on Thai noodle salad and apricot glazed turkey breast. McGrew directs the Center for Global Engagement, which oversees the university’s...

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It's the kind of thing that makes you wonder if we political types focus on the wrong thing.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, in a tight runoff race with the state's current lieutenant governor to keep his post, vowed the city will be ready for the coming hurricane season and rebuffed claims in a recently published book that he was an ineffective leader as the storm ravaged the city last August.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and other officials lay out new evacuation plans for the city, nearly nine months after it was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. With the revamped strategy focused on helping those without transportation leave, Nagin reassured residents that looting would be prevented.

Nagin, who faces a runoff election for his post on May 20, says the detailed plan for a total evacuation in the event of a huge storm was worked out over several months, with the help of the federal government. The plan would use buses and trains to get people out of the city.



A new campaign for mayor is underway in New Orleans after Saturday's first round made an election runoff necessary.

While race has long been a polarizing factor in the city's past mayoral elections, the two remaining candidates say there's much more to consider as New Orleans struggles to recover from last season's hurricanes.

New Orleans Mayoral Race Down to Two

Apr 23, 2006



The New Orleans mayor's race is heading to a run-off next month between incumbent Ray Nagin and Louisiana's Lieutenant Governor Mitch Landrieu. Voters went to the polls there yesterday in the city's first municipal election since Hurricane Katrina. John Mercurio is in New Orleans covering the politics there. He's senior editor of the National Journal's Hotline. Hello. Welcome to the program.

Mr. JOHN MERCURIO (Senior Editor, National Journal's Hotline): Hello, Debbie. Good to be with you.



This week was the deadline to register to vote in New Orleans in time for the upcoming primary for mayor. There are plenty of municipal races to be decided in that city on April 22, but the talk of the town, and perhaps the nation, is the mayor's race, which has a whopping 24 candidates.

Susan Howell teaches political science at the University of New Orleans. She joins us from the studios of member station WWNO. Welcome.

Professor SUSAN HOWELL (Teacher, Political Science, University of New Orleans): Thank you.

Taking Exception to Nagin Speaking for God

Feb 1, 2006


ED GORDON, host:

When New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said that the Big Easy should be a chocolate city because God wanted it that way. Many people reacted with shock and dismay. Commentator John McCann wasn't bothered so much by the idea of a chocolate crescent city. He was more disturbed by Nagin's attempt to read God's mind.

JOHN McCANN reporting:



From NPR News this is WEEKEND EDITION, I'm Liane Hansen. And these were some of the voices in the news this past week.

(Soundbite of song 'Midnight Hour')

Mr. WILSON PICKETT (Performer): I was in Detroit. And I was living on Chicago Boulevard and Dexter and I had a little bit apartment where a little bed pulled out. And it had a little kitchenette -- they called it. And I wrote, 'Wait 'Til The Midnight Hour'. And it's a big song, I mean it's incredible how big that song is today.

Lost in Ray Nagin's 'Chocolate City' Shuffle

Jan 19, 2006



In New Orleans at an event earlier this week honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, the city's mayor, Ray Nagin said this, welcoming residents back to a chocolate city.

Mr. RAY NAGIN (Mayor, New Orleans): This city will be chocolate at the end of the day. This city will be a majority African-American city. It's the way God wants it to be.



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Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer / Harry Shearer

Le Show For The Week Of March 26, 2017

This week on Le Show with Harry Shearer: The Appresidentice: Winning Looks Like Losing , News of Bad Banks , News from Outside the Bubble , We're Not #1 , News of the Warm , Read the Trades , News of the Olympic Movement , The Apologies of the Week , and more!

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