TriPod: New Orleans @ 300

Team New Orleans, US Army Corps of Engineers [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

NOLA vs Nature: Building The Industrial Canal

Tripod’s NOLA versus Nature series returns with a story of the construction of the Industrial Canal. Host Laine Kaplan-Levenson looks at the ways this massive infrastructure project was invasive, above and below ground. Hear the Part I on Sauve's Crevasse and Part II on Baldwin Wood .

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Goodbye, Mr. Okra: New Orleans Remembers Its Singing Vegetable Vendor

Remember how happy you were as a kid to hear the distant music of the ice cream truck get louder as it drove closer to your block? Residents of New Orleans would get that feeling when they heard the song of local produce vendor Mr. Okra, who drove up and down the streets of the city, hawking his wares. "I have the mango, I have spinach, I have yellow squash, corn on the cob," he'd chant in rhythm from a PA system attached to the roof of his bright red pick-up truck. "I have eggplant, I have...

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Nathan Chen Turns Page, Makes Olympic History By Landing 6 Quads

Nathan Chen rewrote the story of his Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, performing an unprecedented six quad jumps in his free skate and launching himself from 17th place and nearly winning a medal in the men's singles competition. Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu repeated as the Olympic gold medalist in this event, on the strength of two riveting performances. Hanyu's teammate Shoma Uno won silver, and Spain's Javier Fernandez won bronze at the Gangneung Ice Arena in South Korea. Hanyu also made history,...

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Even some gas stations in New Orleans get into the Mardi Gras spirit, especially those that double as fried chicken outlets.
Ian McNulty

Somewhere near the entrance to a Magnolia Discount gas station in Gert Town, a whiff from the gas pumps and a waft of just-fried chicken commingled in the air.

Professor Longhair
Professor Longhair

The name that our musical guests have most consistently mentioned is Professor Longhair. It began, well, at the beginning. Longhair, whose friends call him Fess, figured into the very first answer from the very first guest on the very first Music Inside Out.

Congreso de Jornaleros

There are scores of religious sanctuaries in New Orleans. First Grace United Methodist Church, located in Mid-City, has one thing on all the others, though. It’s a real-life sanctuary to a man named Jose Torres.

Travis Lux / WWNO

Countries across the world are starting to ban some microplastics. Like microbeads — the tiny pieces of plastic used in soap and face washes.


This time of year in New Orleans, it’s almost raining plastic, from beads to glitter. Lots of glitter. But what happens to all that sparkly stuff after it washes away? WWNO’s Travis Lux took a look at the environmental consequences of glitter.

Here at Classical 104.9 FM, we really enjoy being able to broadcast the newest releases from the current generations of classical music superstars... But, as our music library continues to grow, we’re often discovering CDs that were released over the past few years that we missed out on obtaining the first time around.

Eileen Fleming / WWNO

The New Orleans Planning Commission has delayed a decision on a hotel proposed in Bywater. The project faces strong neighborhood opposition.

Strip club workers and their supporters made their case against reducing the number of French Quarter strip clubs at a public hearing.
Jess / WWNO - New Orleans Public Radio

The New Orleans City Planning Commission recommended easing back on a cap on French Quarter strip clubs Tuesday, after more than 100 strip club workers and their supporters showed up to make their case at a hearing.

This week on Inside the Arts, guitarist Jimmy Robinson is gearing up for the Across the Pond Guitar Festival featuring the Bruskers Duo from Modena, Italy. Also, performing are Michael Skinkus, Phil deGruy and the New Orleans Guitar Masters.

Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer / Harry Shearer

This week on Le Show, Harry Shearer brings a new episode of News From Outside the Bubble, News of the Olympics, News of Bad Banks, News of the Smart World, Nixon in Heaven, News of the Atom, News of Inspectors General, music from the Meters, and more.

This week on The Reading Life: Susan talks with Karen Celestan, the creator, along with photographer Eric Waters, of "Freedom’s Dance: Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs in New Orleans," a collection of beautiful photos with illuminating essays about this important aspect of our culture.


Classical 104.9 FM

New Orleans’ source for 24-hour classical music.


Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer / Harry Shearer

Le Show For The Week Of February 11, 2018

This week on Le Show Harry brings us We’re Not #1, Follow the Dollar, News of the Olympic Movement, News of the Warm, News of the Godly, What the Frack?, News of AFPAK, the Apologies of the Week, plus another edition of Karzai Talk and great music.

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Crawfish is more than a meal in Louisiana. It's a way of life.
Ian McNulty

Where Y’Eat: After A Cold Winter, A Crawfish Waiting Game

No matter what else you put into your crawfish boil, one crucial ingredient is patience. That’s what enforces the proper timing for soaking, boiling and resting the mudbugs, even when everyone is ready to eat, clutching their koozies and staring at the pot.

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The Reading Life With Howard Philips Smith And Al Kennedy

The Reading Life celebrates Mardi Gras with Howard Philips Smith, author of the gorgeous new book, Unveiling the Muse: The Lost History of Gay Carnival in New Orleans , and we’ll hear from Al Kennedy, whose new book is Chief of Chiefs: Robert Nathaniel Lee and the Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans, 1915-2001.

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