2013 Jazz & Heritage Festival

Jazz Fest is a seven-day cultural feast in which thousands of musicians, cooks and craftspeople welcome 400,000 visitors each year. The Festival celebrates the indigenous music and culture of New Orleans and Louisiana, and showcases unforgettable music on multiple stages, delicious Louisiana cuisine in two large food areas, and crafts artisans from the region and around the world demonstrating and selling their work.

Festival Schedule

First Weekend

Friday, April 26
Saturday, April 27
Sunday, April 28

Second Weekend

Thursday, May 2
Friday, May 3
Saturday, May 4
Sunday, May 5

Or download a .pdf of the complete Jazzfest schedule here.

More Resources

Before you head out to the festival, make sure you're prepared. We've collected some handy resources for you to get the most out of your trip to the Fairgrounds.

Festival Website
Check out the Jazzfest website for an in-depth look at the fest, including schedules, vendors, photos, answers to frequently asked questions, and tips on parking, public transportation, and a whole lot more.

Jazz Fest Radio
Listen to songs from Jazz Fest performers as you prep for the Fest.

Festival Map
Looking for a particular stage? Can't find the bathrooms? Take a look at the Festival Map. You can download a high-resolution version of the map by clicking here.

Jazz Fest App
Download the Jazz Fest mobile app for iPhone and Android and get your info on the go. Includes customizable schedules, artist bios, food info and more.



8:15 am
Sat April 27, 2013

What To Eat At Jazz Fest If You Stayed Up Too Late

Ya Ka Mein is an African-American traditional food, also known as "Old Sober"
Hallie Sheck WWNO

As Jazz Fest enters its second day, folks may be waking up this morning a bit haggard from yesterday’s festivities. For those battling the brown bottle blues, fear not: there may be help for you at the Fair Grounds.

Poppy Tooker, host of Louisiana Eats!, says first you’ll need to visit Ms. Linda’s Ya Ka Mein stand, right near the Congo Square Stage.

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Arts & Culture
5:30 pm
Fri April 26, 2013

Jazz Fest 2013 Kicks Off With Native American Focus

First day of Jazz Fest at the Fais Do Do stage. Early birds get the shade.
Eve Troeh WWNO

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival kicked off Friday. Beautiful weather greeted the crowds with their hats and folding chairs as they streamed through the gates at 11 a.m.

Some turned their heads at road crews still working on Esplanade Avenue.

Construction on long-term street projects has slowed down for the festival, and Esplanade will remain open to traffic throughout.

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Jazz Fest 2013
3:51 pm
Fri April 26, 2013

Jazz Fest Food: New Tastes For 2013

Our own Poppy Tooker at the Jazz Fest with a pork chop sandwich from Ms. Linda’s Catering.
Hallie Sheck WWNO

On average, Jazz Fest adds $300 million to the local economy and is expected to draw nearly half a million attendees this year.

And all of those people need to be fed.

With over 70 food and beverage vendors, Jazz Fest does not disappoint. We spoke with Poppy Tooker, the host of WWNO's Lousiana Eats!, as she went through her annual ritual surveying the food booths at Jazz Fest. We got to preview some of the new dishes hitting the festival food scene.

Poppy's top picks to try?

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2013 Jazz Fest
3:40 pm
Fri April 26, 2013

2013 Jazz Fest Map

2013 Jazz Fest map.

Looking for a particular stage at this year's New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, presented by Shell? Can't find the bathrooms? Take a look at the Festival Map. You can download a high-resolution version of the map by clicking here.

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Jazz Fest 2013
1:30 pm
Fri April 26, 2013

Jazz Fest: By The Numbers

Two weekends. Seven days. Even the most casual Jazz Fest fan knows those numbers.

However, from food to facilities, a festival that draws upwards of 450,000 attendees is bound to result in some other remarkable numbers you might not have heard before. Here are some of our favorites, courtesy of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

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Jazz Fest 2013
1:20 pm
Fri April 26, 2013

Getting To Jazz Fest By Streetcar And Bus

The New Orleans Regional Transit Authority serves the Jazz Fest with four different transit lines, and is planning extra service to meet the heavy demand expected this week and next.

There are three bus lines that will take you within walking distance of the Fair Grounds:


You can also get to the Fair Grounds by taking the Canal — City Park/Museum streetcar line.

The RTA will also be providing buses along Canal St. and St. Charles Ave. to supplement the streetcar lines.

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Jazz Fest Minutes
12:32 pm
Fri April 26, 2013

Jazz Fest Minutes: Banjoman Don Vappie

Don Vappie.
Credit vappielle.com

Don Vappie grew up in New Orleans with a yen for music he just couldn’t explain.

“My earliest memory, it must have been second grade, I always wanted to be a musician,” Vappie says. “I have no idea why, but that’s what I wanted to do.”

Unless it was those records.

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11:22 am
Fri April 26, 2013

Interviews: Food Critic Michael Pollan, Singer Phillip Manuel

Originally published on Fri May 10, 2013 12:32 pm

New Orleans jazz singer Phillip Manuel discusses his career and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

Government watchdog and political blogger C.B. Forgotston (Forgotston.com) and Jim discuss goings on in the 2013 State Legislature.

Global thinker Dr. Keshore Mahbubani, with the University of Singapore, on his book, "The Global Convergence: Asia, The West And the Logic Of One World"

Jim talks with acclaimed food critic Michael Pollan about his book, "Cooked: A Natural History Of Transformation".

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Louisiana Eats!
5:00 am
Fri April 26, 2013

Jazz Fest Performers Take You Inside Their Kitchens and Out on the Road

Members of Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes rock out at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in 2005. The band returns to the Acura Stage on Thursday, May 2nd at 1:35pm.
Credit Douglas Mason

Click here to listen to this week's show.

Life on the road might be difficult for traveling musicians and their crews, but the perks of this lifestyle are almost impossible to replicate.

Chef Anne Churchill spends her summers traveling as a cook for one of rock's most popular touring bands and has the stories to prove it. She joins us on Louisiana Eats! to talk about the mammoth responsibilities of cooking at amphitheaters across the country.

We'll also hear from Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes, whose decade together on the road has honed their tastes for the weird and wild. Their firsthand accounts with late-night diners will get you hungry for donuts, Philly cheese steaks, and kangaroo burgers.

And when it's finally time to come home, few know our musicians better than Elsa Hahne. She'll share stories about getting these public figures to open up to her privately in their own kitchens.

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Jazz Fest Minutes
4:27 pm
Thu April 25, 2013

Jazz Fest Minutes: Jazz Master Eddie Palmieri

Pianist, composer and bandleader Eddie Palmieri.
Credit Juan Cruz / eddiepalmierimusic.com

National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master Eddie Palmieri is a great pianist, composer and bandleader. However, in his early teens Palmieri developed a yen to play timbales in his piano-playing older brother’s band.

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