5:22 am
Wed January 28, 2015

Homeless Center In Slidell Reaches Out To Men

Mark McVille stands in front of his cubicle at the Miramon Men's Center in Slidell.
Credit Tegan Wendland / WWNO

Homelessness is a big issue in the New Orleans region, one that extends to the Northshore. Winter is particularly hard — shelters fill up, it is cold, and there is often nowhere to go. It can be especially hard for single men, and one organization is Slidell is trying to help.

Mark McVille has been homeless for two years. He has worked as a tugboat captain and construction worker, and was in the army for a while. He always had a pretty good job and had no problem supporting his kids.

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Listening Post NOLA
7:39 am
Thu January 22, 2015

The Listening Post Asks: Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Thousands of people in New Orleans seek refuge at shelters like the New Orleans Mission.
Jesse Hardman WWNO

WWNO's Listening Post project asks questions about local news in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast and reports back on the community's response. This week the Listening Post explores homelessness in New Orleans. Where did you sleep last night?

Last June, First Lady Michelle Obama announced an initiative to end veteran homelessness by the end of 2015. 

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Latest News
7:40 am
Thu January 8, 2015

New Orleans Houses Its Homeless Veterans

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu says the city has completed a pledge to house its homeless veterans. He says it’s the first major city to reach the goal set by First Lady Michelle Obama.

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Latest News
7:40 am
Tue November 18, 2014

When Will Cold Weather Go Away?

These bitter low temperatures are sticking around.

The National Weather Service says the frosty weather will continue through Wednesday. It’s blaming the combination of low temperatures and high winds.

It has prompted New Orleans officials and homeless advocates to take precautions for people living on the streets.

The New Orleans Advocate reports all four homeless shelters in the city were opened free of charge and allowed to expand their capacity to take on additional clients.

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4:57 pm
Thu September 11, 2014

City's Homeless Encampment Under Eviction Order

Inhabitants of a tent city in New Orleans have been given a 72-hour notice to remove all tents and furniture from the area.
Bart Everson Flickr

Inhabitants of a tent city at Calliope and Camp streets have been given a 72-hour notice to remove all tents and furniture from the area, The Advocate is reporting.

The action comes one week after the New Orleans City Council passed new rules strengthening the city’s ability to disperse homeless encampments.

The notifications were posted at about 8 p.m. Wednesday night, according to people living in the camp.

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Latest News
7:38 am
Mon August 25, 2014

New Orleans Mission Prepares For Renovation

Design of planned New Orleans Mission façade restoration.
Credit New Orleans Mission

The New Orleans Mission has passed the half-way mark in a fund drive to revamp its Central City home. The plan will ultimately have men needing accommodation lining up in the back of the building — not on Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard.

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Inclement Weather
3:25 pm
Thu January 2, 2014

City Of New Orleans Puts Freeze Plan For Homeless Into Effect For Thursday Night

Temperatures in Orleans Parish are expected to drop to at or near freezing on Thursday night, prompting the City of New Orleans to put its freeze plan for the homeless into effect.

The freeze plan is enacted whenever the temperature or the wind chill factor is expected to fall to 35 degrees or lower. Temperatures near freezing, combined with the strong winds affecting the region, can cause serious medical problems to people exposed to them for extended periods of time.

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7:30 am
Tue November 12, 2013

UNITY's Outreach Team Brings Services To New Orleans' Most Vulnerable Citizens

Laniker Hunter-Davis is easy to spot in her Outreach jacket.
Katy Reckdahl

Laniker Hunter-Davis is an outreach worker for UNITY of Greater New Orleans. She and her partner, Joycelyn Scott, drive and walk around the city trying to reach the hardest-to-reach homeless people. One night, I tagged along.  

“The first place that we’ll be stopping is at Washington Park. It’s off of Elysian Fields. We have a lady  that’s in that park with her dog, and she can’t utilize the shelters because of her dog. So we gonna go check on her.

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7:00 am
Thu March 28, 2013

Homeless Numbers Plunge In New Orleans Region

The number of homeless people in Orleans and Jefferson parishes has dropped 79 percent since 2007.  A non-profit dedicated to getting those numbers even lower credits a coordinated effort for the success.

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Latest News
7:00 am
Thu February 7, 2013

New Newspaper On Sale To Help The Homeless

Credit New Orleans Street Exchange

A new newspaper is being sold on the streets of New Orleans. It highlights the challenges of being homeless, and helps those trying to work their way into homes of their own.

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