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Bulls, Bikes, Bullets, Brother

8 hours ago
Malic White
Malic White

Matteson Perry “runs with the bulls” in Pamplona, Spain.
  Malic White discovers what a bicycle says about a person.
  Eric Call goes on an internet date that ends up in marriage.
  Kim Watson Brooks discovers that she has a brother.
  Andrew Solomon describes a Cambodian survivor’s recipe for healing.

This week on Inside the Arts, the countdown is on to the 2016 ESSENCE  Festival opening July 4th weekend. ESSENCE Magazine Editor in Chief, Vanessa De Luca joins us.

 Then, a tweet from birds along the Poydras Street neutral ground as Avian Avatars nest in the sculpture corridor's Mid-City expansion. And, we round out with two Broadway veterans with local ties who are bringing cabaret theater to a downtown saloon. Airs Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m. and Thursdays at 8:45 a.m. 

Kenny Platt
Ryan Kailath / WWNO

Recently, WWNO's Coastal Desk profiled an unemployed oilfield worker named Derrick Hadley. When Hadley mentioned a song called "Please Give Us One More Boom," by Robert L. Platt, we played it on air at the end of the story. A few weeks later, Robert L. Platt's son, Kenny Platt, reached out via email.

Nestor Gomez
Jerry Shulman

Karen Jones discovers that her father’s lifelong depression is related to his time as a soldier at The Battle of the Bulge. Ed Gavagan is injured while playing golf and makes his tough drill sergeant father queasy. Clifton Truman Daniel joins bomb victims in Nagasaki.  Nestor Gomez tries to teach his children about fiscal responsibility by putting them to work on a grueling job.   Glenn Rockowitz gets harrowing news on the eve of the birth of his son. 

This week on Inside the Arts, one of the Bard's early comedies, the Two Gentlemen of Verona opens the season for the New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane.

Mets, McDonalds, and a White House Secret

Jun 9, 2016
Marie Hershkowitz
Jason Falchook

Adam Mansbach writes the hit book, Go The F**k to Sleep. Marie Hershkowitz and her family are Mets superfans. Deborah Allen Carr meets a charming boy at a fast food restaurant but finds out that he’s in a gang.
Jon Lovett writes speeches for President Obama and officiates a special White House wedding.   NOTE: When offensive or FCC-prohibited words appear, they are bleeped and listed in the Content Advisory.  Sensitive content will be given an on-air caution and will be noted here in the description. 

Photo Credit: Kevin O'Mara

This week on Inside the Arts, festivals are everywhere. The French Market District is ripe and ready for its 30th celebration of the Creole tomato. 

Edward Hejka
Liz Mackinder

Dame Wilburn is told that she is cursed and decides to try and lift the curse herself.

Tina Zimmerman is on the cusp of empty-nest syndrome when an accident helps her decide that she wants to become a minister.

Eddie Hejka’s son Sammy is autistic and very determined to meet Oscar the Grouch.

Michelle Fecteau houses an enthusiastic history buff on a pilgrimage to learn more about the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.

Courtesy Magnolia Pictures

A new documentary feature film, "Presenting Princess Shaw," follows the life of Samantha Montgomery, a New Orleans singer and elder care nursing assistant, as she goes from her own obscure YouTube channel to starring in a video by international music mashup artist Kutiman.

This week on Inside the Arts, this week on Inside the Arts, the New Orleans Museum of Art partners with the Google Cultural Institute for a unique online art and cultural experience. We check out the details.

Then, college football, modern dance and a live drumline come to the stage in Southern Rep's upcoming premiere of Colossal by Andrew Hinderaker.

And, we round out with a treasure hunt as the 63rd annual Symphony Book Fair kicks off this weekend.

Airs Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m. and Thursdays at 8:45 a.m.